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Care for your Clothes

by Marianne Blaney on July 11, 2020


Fashion can be a huge investment if you take care of your clothes properly. The right aftercare can make your clothes longer-lasting, and longer-lasting clothing means more money in your purse as well as less waste and bonus points for sustainability... count us in!

Today, we have put together a few of our top tips to help you get the best out of your clothes and preserve your wardrobe.

1. Start with Quality
Looking after your clothes starts well before you've reached the checkout! We don't recommend buying overpriced designer garments, but we do think it's a good idea to choose more high-quality clothing. By spending a little extra on quality items (especially staple pieces that never go out of style), your wardrobe quickly becomes your best investment! High-quality clothing is usually manufactured with more durable fabrics meaning it won't fall apart when you wash it... if you wash it correctly! And more durable fabric equals guaranteed longevity meaning you can reduce waste and wear your garments year on year guilt-free.

To sum up: Quality over quantity!

2. Read the Laundering Instructions!
Always pay attention to your garment's specific laundering instructions. You know the little tag that's usually found on the neck or down the side seam of your garment? It's not for decoration, it's pretty important! Don't ignore the care instructions and end up ruining your clothes, those little tags are designed to provide you with the right information to ensure your garment stays in great shape.

Other laundering tips:
Wash your clothes less frequently. We mean it! Stretch out your washes and don't over-wash your clothes. Washing too often can leave your garments faded, stretched, and damaged! Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wash your clothes after every wear (especially your jeans!) Try extending your washes to every other wear or air out your clothing to sustain freshness.

Top tip: Did you know you can freeze your jeans (yes, freeze… like in the freezer!!) to get rid of any odours. Worth a shot!

Wash dark clothing inside-out. Darker clothing is more likely to fade in colour much quicker than lighter clothing when washed. Flip your dark clothes inside-out before putting them in the washing machine to ensure your garments hold their colour.

Top tip: Eventually, even if you wash your garments inside-out, your dark clothing will probably fade. Try using at home easy-to-use clothing dyes to restore your faded items to their former glory. Don’t forget to wash your newly dyed item with similar colours the first time you put it in the washing machine as the dye may run onto other items.

Empty your pockets. It’s simple, but we all forget to do it! Ensure you empty out your pockets before placing your clothing in the washing machine. The odd bits and bobs left in your pockets can make a right mess of your laundry!

Top tip: Make sure you also button buttons and zip zippers to prevent your clothes from pulling!

To sum up: READ the label!

Avoid the Dryer
Give the tumble dryer a break. It may be a little harder in the colder months, but dryers tend to damage your clothes in time and diminish the longevity of your favourite garments. Invest in a clothesline or drying rack and air-dry your clothes instead. By choosing to air-dry your clothes instead of shoving them straight into the tumble dryer, you not only preserve the quality of your much-loved garments, but you also reduce your household’s carbon footprint… result!

Top tip: NEVER put your bras in the tumble dryer as this will seriously damage the structure and support intended.

To sum up: Air-dry over tumble-dry!

4. Learn Basic Repairs
There’s always time to learn new skills. Why not try to learn basic repair skills - like replacing a loose thread or missing button - to restore your items quickly and save yourself some money. Check out online how-to videos to become your own personal tailor!

To sum up: Avoid a tailor fee, buy a sewing kit!

5. Practice Good Storage Habits
The way you store your clothes is just as important as how you wash them. If stored correctly, your clothes will last for years.

Here’s a few tips on how to store your clothes to preserve the quality and longevity of your garments:

Don’t overcrowd your wardrobe. Cramming your clothes together in a small space not only wrinkles but wears down certain fabrics. Is your closet overflowing? Why not have a much-needed clear-out and donate your unwanted items to your local charity shop, list them on eBay/Depop, or host a clothing swap party with all your friends and work colleagues! Can we come too?!

Fold clothes along the seams. Avoid unwanted creases and maintain the structure of your garments by folding your clothes along the seams. Make sure you fold heavy sweaters on a shelf rather than hanging them in your wardrobe as this may cause stretching.

Invest in better quality hangers. Plastic hangers (whilst usually cheaper or free from the retailer) can stretch out your clothing. Purchase wood or plush hangers to help protect your garments.

Clean seasonal clothing prior to storing. If you like to store your seasonal garments away, always make sure that you clean them thoroughly before putting them into storage. Any dirt or leftover scents (like strong perfume) might attract bugs… gross!

To sum up: Don’t be lazy when it comes to storage, think smart!

We hope you enjoyed reading our top tips on looking after your clothing! Remember, by cleaning and storing your garments carefully, you can hold onto your best-loved items for longer. Avoid the throwaway culture and be smart with how you preserve your clothes!