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Best Vintage Investment - Swishy 1950s Petti's

by Marianne Blaney on June 02, 2017

Petticoats, petticoats, petticoats..... its ALL about the petticoat revival!

Petticoats are a must have vintage accessory, they not only are super soft and swishy (well ours are any way) but they make your waist look slimmer by creating the illusion of an hour glass figure. Create the rockabilly look with adding a petticoat to your 1950s swing dress.

Make a statement and add a petticoat to your staple wardrobe pieces! They never go out of fashion and make your outfit look that extra bit special.

Top tips when shopping for a vintage petticoat.

  1. Look for one that is lightweight and is super soft organza
  2. Choose the length of the skirt correctly, don't have you petticoat hanging down too far, it should sit at the hem of the dress with a small bit peeking out.
  3. Mix up your colours, often a contrasting colour can make your outfit pop that bit more.

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